Waking Up To Autism
Waking Up To Autism
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UI Design
Waking Up To Autism



After the branding work I did for Waking up to Autism, Claire approached me to take her new brand online by creating her website. The important areas for the Waking Up To Autism website were the 'Our Story' and 'Services' sections. It was vital to capture the compelling story behind WUTA (Waking up to Autism), which centres around Claire and her family. The 'Services' section needed to include information on courses and workshops that people could attend to educate themselves or be educated by Claire herself about what Autism is, and more importantly, what it isn't.




Problems & Solutions

I aimed to design a website that was easy to navigate and followed a very linear narrative. Clear navigation at the top of the page, along with bright, supportive imagery, helped expand the Waking up to Autism branding onto the online platform.

The production phase was managed in-house by my web design team, utilising Webflow for building the website responsively, as well as managing the CMS and services quickly and effectively.



Once the website launched, it attracted a large audience who immediately signed up to Claire's mailing list. There was also significant interest in the lessons and courses Claire offered, which greatly enhanced her brand identity and exposure to a wider audience.

Following this project, I created a campaign for Waking up to Autism called 'Smash the Confusion', which was equally well received and has established Waking up to Autism as the 'go-to' provider for all things relating to Autism.

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