2023 - 2024

Lloyds Banking Group

Design Systems Lead (Contract)
My responsibilities included:
  • Facilitate the creation of a design system for the Scottish Widows brand.
  • Conduct a company wide audit of current processes and utilise UX best practices to align strategies and output across the multiple design teams.
  • Assist with the onboarding for wider interaction designers that are new to Figma and its features.
  • Implement new features (Variables and Prototyping) into the core structure of the system to aid in hand over to development teams.

Centrica - British Gas

Senior Product UI/UX Designer
My responsibilities included:
  • Establishing and managing best practices for the existing customer base when it comes to booking and managing repair or annual service engineer visits.
  • Working closely within the design team to help optimise the design systems across the whole business.
  • Conducting user testing sessions to aid in the overall optimisation of the user dashboard and new acquisition journeys.
  • Production of internal atomic design systems.
  • Running hand-off sessions with the dev teams to aid in a smooth transition of functional specs and assets from the design team.


Senior UI/UX Designer (Contract)
My responsibilities included:
  • Working closely with key stakeholders to establish clear goals for both web funnel and app onboarding processes.
  • Creation of multiple versions of pages and user journeys to allow multi-variant testing to maximise conversions.
  • Assisting the dev team with exporting and optimising of assets required for the web and app build phases.
  • Production of animation assets in Rive.

BMI Group

Senior UI Designer (Contract)
My responsibilities included:
  • Working closely with the UX Design lead to create layouts and experiences for users to promote new products and services.
  • Migration of Adobe XD design system over to Figma and improve the overall system for two reasons.
    1) to make dev tasks easier to manage.
    2) to increase the overall speed and accuracy of content creation throughout the business.
2016 -2021


Senior UI & Motion Designer
My responsibilities included:
  • Attending workshops with UX Leads to agree on a strategy that addresses the needs of the pharmaceutical client and the medical/representative end user.
  • Producing engaging applications for mobile, tablet and web that utilises medical/clinical trial data and turns it into a respected source of information to allow medical professionals to make decisive choices with regarding to medication and treatment.
  • Providing high fidelity prototypes and layouts/designs using Figma, Sketch, Invision & After Effects, to development teams, and working closely with them to ensure interaction and creative milestones are maintained to a high standard.


Senior Designer
My responsibilities included:
  • Running workshops to explore creative executions to client briefs.
  • Creating multiple solutions from Interactive PDFs, Apps and Video design.
2013 - 2016

Heath Wallace

Senior Digital UI/UX Designer
My responsibilities included:
  • Creating digital solutions for some of the worlds largest banks including HSBC, Barclays, Natwest and Halifax to name a few.
  • Working closely with UX teams to establish customer journeys and wireframes for multiple products like loan & mortgage calculators.
  • Producing costumer focussed designs and high-quality prototypes (Figma, InVision or After Effects) to aid in the hand off to dev teams.
  • Construction of atomic level design systems.
2010 - 2013


Middleweight Graphic & Web Designer
My responsibilities included:
  • Working closely with marketing team to establish demographic
and targets for magazine publication.
  • Producing A/B variants to maximise conversions and minimise
“drop-offs” from 123-reg domain name purchase process.
  • Optimising the user experience and journey of the backend dashboard as well as the cart process.
2006 - 2010

Moose Internet Services

Junior Graphic & Web Designer
My responsibilities included:
  • Designing and Developing websites for new and existing customers through use of HTML and CSS.
  • On a regular basis I would be tasked with running the print studio that was in the same building. I was responsible for graphic design jobs, production, setup & finishing print jobs for the print team.