The Cornermen
The Cornermen
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UI Design
The Cornermen Charity



Riweb came to me looking for assistance with the overall website and UI design for the charity The Cornermen. I really wanted to get involved with this project as mental health is such an important issue that is close to our hearts and I knew I had to deliver with this project given the importance of its purpose.




Problems & Solutions

I immediately started to dive into The Cornermen brand, colours and imagery that were provided by the team at I wanted to maintain a dark, yet edgy aesthetic to compliment the male demographic, and the sensitive nature of the charity.

I decided to incorporate a 3 band design that is symbolic of the ring ropes found in a boxing ring. The intent of the ring ropes, is to keep the fighter on his feet when he feels he is about to go down, and an important piece of the ring on helping the fighter get back up.



The Cornermen project was an amazing web design and UI design project to work on. I was elated to hear that the client was overjoyed with the end product.

The dev work is currently underway with the team at, and I cannot wait to see the website go live. More importantly, I am so proud to have been able to collaborate with the team at and look forward to seeing how many people this charity will be able to reach given the new design for the website.

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