Supportive Aid for Everyone - Website Design
Supportive Aid for Everyone - Website Design
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Supportive Aid for Everyone



Once we had established the branding work for Supportive Aid for Everyone, I started to look at how we could improve their web presence and our first stop was the website. The idea was to simply get something online that people could search for. A really simple one page web design to house testimonials, information about the business and contact information should potential customers wish to call.

A clean white aesthetic with shades of the teal and pink from the branding is what I went with regarding the styling of the web design. A very simple one page web design layout was then drafted out and I then moved onto the concept and production phase of this website design project.




Problems & Solutions

It was vital that I didn't fill every piece of empty space on the website as I wanted to make sure that he user experience was clean, linear and easy to digest. Through use of illustrations I was able to tell the story and make the overall experience as positive as possible and as relatable as possible. I also included testimonials on the page so that potential customers could see how good the service is from Supportive Aid for Everyone.



Katie was very happy with overall design of her website. As part of the design process, I also worked closely with Katie to establish the core set of keywords to optimise the SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) for the website. As part of the project I also helped Katie with her Google Business setup.

Since the launch, Katie has seen her business boom and become the full-time career that she dreamed of.

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