Supportive Aid for Everyone
Supportive Aid for Everyone
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Supportive Aid for Everyone (SAFE Care UK)



Katie at Supportive Aid for Everyone was looking to start her own elderly care business in Wokingham. She didn't have a name and she didn't have a logo, but she had a vision and an idea that she wanted to bring to life.

The first thing we collaborated on was the name, we looked at words that epitomised the care sector and ultimately we landed on Supportive Aide for Everyone or S.A.F.E Care UK. We wanted people to resonate with the company name as the care that is given goes beyond that of just the elderly, but also the loved ones of the elderly.




Problems & Solutions

We started by sketching out iconography that was symbolic of the 4 pillars that Supportive Aid for Everyone stood for. All of these came together to create an identity that instills trust in its customers.

The colour palette was also focussed around 'scrubs' found in hospitals to give the healthcare/carer aesthetic. The key takeaway was to reassure their customers with visual elements that they could relate to.



Overall, we had created not only a logo design or a brand for Katie, but an entire business identity that she now wears and displays with pride. Off the back of this project, she approached us to create her website

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