Pain Emotion AI App
Pain Emotion AI App
Project Type:
Product Design



A Big Pharma company in the United States approached the agency I was working for at the time and requested that we look into a "future" project.

The aim of the project was to explore and conceptualise an iPad app that could be used by medical professionals to monitor and record appointments with customers that suffer with chronic pain.



To create an app that explores and pushes the technical boundaries of what is possible with modern technology. (This project was conceptualised in 2018).

Key features to consider should include the use of voice recognition, Artificial Intelligence and touch controls on iPad to better the practitioner and patient experience.


Problems & Solutions

Every project comes with its own challenges that need to be understood and solved. This projects challenges included:

AI Technology

Baring in mind that this project started in the early days of AI in 2018, we were determined to try and think outside the box and create and experience that would potentially kick start a bigger R&D project. Our plan was to make use of machine learning models and voice recognition software so that when a patient speaks to the their practitioner, the app could be running in the background and very similar to dictation in modern times, the app would write out the entire conversation between the patient and the doctor. The AI woudl then identify the emotion behind key words and then highlight them to match Plutchik's Wheel of Emotion.

Patient Privacy and Data Security

We were also very aware of the potential concern that patients could face given the digital storing of key information and sensitive material. We decided to implement a consent screen for each patient that gives consent for practitioners to use the recordings and data gathered by the appointment.



We learned pretty early on that we had a great opportunity to make something really special with this project. Our initial plan is was to leverage an emotive angle and see if we could introduce Plutchik's Wheel of Emotion into the overall colour theming of the app.

As part of the aftercare that a practitioner could offer, there is the ability to replay the recorded audio straight from the app, and if there was a key moment that the doctor wished to highlight then touch controls on key words within the dictation would allow them to make that change.

The inclusion of a 3D mannequin also allowed the patient to identify on a model where they were experiencing their pain. This would be saved to the appoint case and be accessible to doctors at a later date.

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