Project Type:
UI Design
Business Networking


Background is a platform where professionals could still network amongst each other during the uncertain times of Covid-19 and lockdown during 2020/2021. The platform would put like minded business owners into a group virtual meeting and then through time intervals pair users with each other for a short period of time, very similar to speed dating.



To wireframe and create a professional UI for a networking platform that would be used in business to business communications. The platform would use a token system that will allow you to communicate directly with individuals that you had connected with in the group virtual sessions.

Key features to be considered include the ability to create strong business relationships and connections and to be able to view user profiles before and after networking events.


Problems & Solutions

Every project comes with its own challenges that need to be understood and solved. This projects challenges included:

New Platform

Nothing challenged me more than trying to learn a new backend platform and its limitations, like I faced with Netwrking. Ultimately it pushed me out of my comfort zone and learn the platform to make it the best end product possible. We decided to do a lot of testing to ensure performance worked through out the process and I feel we achieved some really good solutions.

No Fold!

Part of the appeal for this product was to create a zero fold experience that could be used on all larger than mobile devices (A mobile app was in the pipeline). The modular approach I decided to go with allowed scrolling within each panel view thus removing the need to have a traditional fold. This required us to think more consciously about the available real estate on the screen and prioritise crucial functionality and focus on layout balance.



In the end I think we had creating an extremely robust design system that was easily implemented by's web development team and a user experience that not only was easy to use and intuitive, but was also a feature rich web experience for their customers.

Let's work together: