LumberJack Tree Services
LumberJack Tree Services
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UI Design
LumberJack Tree Services



Jack from LumberJack Tree Services was so pleased with the branding work I did for his business that he wanted me to design his website as well. My main objective was to create a website that would serve as a central hub for all of LumberJack Tree Services' social media accounts, particularly their YouTube and Instagram accounts.

I took inspiration from the bright colours in the LumberJack Tree Services brand palette and chose a dark interface to make the vibrant oranges and greens stand out on the screen.




Problems & Solutions

Designing the innovative user interface was a collaborative effort. I worked with each web breakpoint to ensure consistency and create something truly unique for all devices, including desktop computers, as well as tablet and mobile responsive designs, ensuring usability regardless of the device being used.



The launch process was incredibly smooth, and by using a WordPress CMS platform, the entire site was editable by Jack. I incorporated external plugins such as an Instagram gallery, YouTube video roll, and Check-a-trade review widget.

The use of modern code snippets and image processing enabled this site to pass benchmark tests with flying colours.

Let's work together: