LumberJack Tree Services
LumberJack Tree Services
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LumberJack Tree Services



Jack approached me with a vision to revamp the logo and branding for his budding business, LumberJack UK Tree Services.

Despite being relatively new in the market, Jack's exceptional customer service and expertise caught my attention. I was determined to craft a logo and brand that would match his standout qualities. The redesigned logo would be featured on his uniforms, vehicle branding, and social media channels.




Problems & Solutions

I felt the name of Jack's business was very clever, so I aimed to create a brand that was equally clever. I began by looking at different pieces of equipment Jack uses daily, such as chainsaws, axes, and climbing gear.

Additionally, I considered how to incorporate the main focus of his work: trees, leaves, and other elements of nature. I came up with the idea of using a chainsaw and manipulating the handle to become part of the initial 'J' in LumberJack.



By developing the idea of using the chainsaw, I was able to create a logo that had a strong visual impact and a compelling colour palette. The use of vibrant orange, alongside dark grey, light green, and white, not only created a professional aesthetic but also conveyed a workman's motif. To bring this brand to life, I also created an animated version of the logo that could be used as an intro for videos that LumberJack produces for their YouTube channel.

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