Euro 2020 - Tournament App
Euro 2020 - Tournament App
Project Type:
Product Design
Sport & Leisure



The UEFA Euros and World Cup tournament are one of the most viewed live football events that occurs every 2 years. I wanted to create an app that showcased modern UI / UX techniques with a recent event. I wanted to create something that was akin to the old sticker books I collected as a young boy.



To create a user friendly application for the iPad that will be used to provide as a live feed of data about the UEFA Euro 2020 tournament, the European football teams and the players taking part.

Key features to include are Live scores for matches that are taking place, Details about the players such as their international caps and goals and the ability to see a teams previous results and upcoming fixtures.


Problems & Solutions

Every project comes with its own challenges that need to be understood and solved. This projects challenges included:


Given the global target audience of the app, it was imperative to consider the knock on effect that global languages models could create. In order to make this as accessible as possible we included a language selector in the bottom left of the main navigation so that no matter where the user was in the application they could make that change with a couple of taps. The language selection would also be part of the onboarding process to stream line the experience post sign-up.

Device Performance

It's no secret that technology moves at an extremely fast pace and here comes a point where you have to optimise (and in rare cases disregard certain models of devices) in order to get the hardware to work as efficiently as possible with the software. This includes code, image and asset optimisation. Restricting the amount of animations can also make a huge difference with the end products performance on older devices.



The first task was to familiarise myself with the amazing branding for the UEFA Euro 2020 event. Once the UI Kit was established I was able to create a strong atomic component set to keep things consistent.

The entire experience was crafted in Figma which allowed me to easily and effectively create a prototype with touch gesture controls.

Overall I feel the overall UI is a very strong execution and the playfulness of the app showcases innovate UI techniques.

Let's work together: