Chronic Pain Academy
Chronic Pain  Academy
Project Type:
UI Design



A leading pharmaceutical company wanted to create a mobile application that would help educate pain management professionals in the latest methods to treat Chronic Pain conditions. The app would be used by training doctors and seasoned practitioners.



To create a clean and modern UI design that will be scalable, accessible and exciting for customer to use. The application must include research material that is both clear to digest and includes methods that will help verify that study of the content.


Problems & Solutions

Every project comes with its own challenges that need to be understood and solved. This projects challenges included:

Making Learning Fun

More often than not, learning is not the funnest thing to do, especially in your free time. That's why we found it an exciting challenge to make the learning modules in this app enjoyable and fun. There also had to be an element of validation to the learning so we created a suite of games that were tailored to the learning modules within the app. These apps offered a score that would be placed on a regional leader board which introduced a voluntary competitive edge, bringing students back time and time again to be the best they can be. We also introduced badges at the end of each completed module as a sense of rewarding gamification.

User Avatar Customisation

To make the app feel more personal and less "heavy", we decided to introduce an avatar customisation option in the main profile area of the app. This allowed users to create fun avatars with a selection of expressions, accessories and outfits to allow them to really express who they are.

Interactive Experiences

A vital part of the app included sections that would display interactive experiences when look at the Mode of Action (MOA) for specific pain mechanics. These required us to create 3D model animations of the MOAs that could be controlled using the gyroscope and include touch gestures to further enhance the user experience.



In order to get the app to work as hard as it could, the first thing was to organise the content into easily digestable modules. To take things to the next level, I introduced gamification principles to help validate the learning whilst making the overall user journey fun and enjoyable for all ages.

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