Bambino Pizza App
Bambino Pizza App
Project Type:
Product Design
Dominos Pizza App Concept



This concept was inspired by an idea I had during an evening meal at TGI Fridays with my family. It arose when a neighbouring table had difficulty getting their little ones to decide what they wanted to eat.

I aimed to create an app experience that could be used both in a restaurant setting and at home when ordering a takeaway. I chose Domino's for this concept, as it was developed during the peak of Covid-19 when restaurants were closed.




Problems & Solutions

The plan was to develop an app that children would find entertaining and easy to use. To appeal to the younger audience, I created a robot character to serve as the onscreen guide for the app. This character was named DomBot, or 'Dom' for short.

Dom interacts with users through animations and voice prompts, encouraging healthier choices. Users can drag and drop ingredients from the bowls and place them on the pizza in any way they wish.

Once the order is placed and sent to the nearest Domino's store, the staff do their best to replicate the pizza that was created.



Overall, I was really pleased with how this concept turned out. I was fully aware that this wasn't going to be a 'real world' product, but the processes I went through and adhering to operating system guidelines really tested me in various areas. I couldn't be more thrilled with the outcome.

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